My name is Debbie E. and I want to tell everyone I know about my experience with Tim and Patricia Bowers as tutors for my 16 year old nephew. Christopher was having difficulty in many areas in school and had developed a poor attitude with just about everything. After only a few meetings with the Bowers, Christopher became more positive and had a much better attitude about his school work! He actually reached a point where he was looking forward to going to tutoring! Tim and Patricia have a marvelous way with children. They have a good time with their students while maintaining a well structured learning environment. Chris not only found tutors to help him with school work but he also found friends he could relax and ‘be himself’ around. He learned to love to learn and became inquisitive about many things. Chris even got an award for most improved student which hung in the school office for a month!! I prayed and my prayers were answered!Tim and Patricia…You are angels!!!

Of all the teachers I have had in high school, the only one who taught me anything useful is Mrs. Bowers.

Thanks to the help, hard work and high standards of Tim and Patricia, my son’s grades, skills, and work ethic have all greatly improved.

My daughter loved working with them!

Because of their help with my senior, his college freshman year was very successful.

It was so exciting to see my daughter so energetically attack her studies. I have never seen her this eager.

From the time they entered our son’s life in 6th grade until today, what a difference these two teachers made in his life. Their TLC and SAT prep helped him gain acceptance to a wonderful pre-med school.

Mr. & Mrs. B have been a spectacular influence in my life academically and in general.

The time my son spent at BBC Tutoring gave him the necessary vocabulary and test taking skills to start college on the right path.

I am impressed with their teaching skills and with my son’s new found confidence.

I have four children and I made sure that each one of them had the great advantage of taking classes with Tim and Patricia, the finest teachers and people I know. They teach beyond the material to give their students skills and polish previously neglected.

As I entered high school I found what Mr. and Mrs. Bowers had taught me became more and more helpful. My teacher himself praised my work in class and told the other students, “I want you all to do work like this!” To this day, I am most appreciative of all the effort Mr. and Mrs. B put into helping their students succeed.

Patricia Bowers is an amazing writing tutor for my 8th grade son.  She works with him on organizing and developing his ideas for his essays.   She makes it fun and rewarding, too.

My son went from 1400 to a total combined SAT score of 2120 after working with you. Acceptances from universities are rolling in. Thanks.

My seventh grader cannot believe the quality of teaching you offer. He’s never experienced anything this good before. I don’t have to push him to go to tutoring, he is always happy to go to yours. I’m telling everybody I know about you.